Workshop with René van Rems

As the owner and lead floral designer at Floral Sunshine, I am constantly looking to grow, learn some new tricks, pick up new tips, and keep up with new trends.  In other words, I believe in continuing education.  So when I found out that René van Rems was visiting Portland, I jumped on this opportunity to sign up for his half-day hands-on workshop.

Unless if you’re a floral designer, you probably have no idea who this guy is… well, he’s a Dutch floral designer/presenter/consultant/instructor who lives in southern California who has some high floral industry credentials and travels all over the world sharing his talents.

I’ve always admired René from afar and own one of his books in my floral library.

rene_bookcoverI have yet to pick up the one below called René’s Bouquets for Brides that was published in 2011.  Will you take a look at this crazy-huge-amazing cascading bouquet???  Whoa…. In reality, she would probably be tripping over the trailing portion of her bridal bouquet.  So gorgeous and over-the-top, I love it!

renes_bouquets_for_brides_sizedSo, what did I learn at the workshop?  I’m not telling!  :)  I did learn some cool new tricks that help with mechanics and efficiency for wedding flowers.


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