We moved!! Leave it to the professionals!

We felt super ambitious and moved over the weekend!  I know, why so quick and right before Valentine’s Day?  Well, behind the scenes – we were in search of a better location for Floral Sunshine for several months and securing a lease takes time… a lot of time.  Many times during the process, it felt like the deal wasn’t going to happen – but thankfully, it did!  We owe it to our hardworking leasing agent for representing us during the negotiation.  We got keys to the new place Thursday evening and had to make a decision whether to move before or after Valentine’s Day.  We were so excited about our new space, we really wanted to move in time for Valentine’s Day!

We quickly got all our ducks in a row on Friday and the big move happened over the weekend.  Even though we moved less than 1 mile away, multiple elements had to be orchestrated in a timely fashion… we were so lucky to have  so many wonderful professionals help us make the move fairly quick and painless (except for on the pocketbook).  Refrigeration specialists to install the walk-in cooler, plumber to install the new sink, packers, movers, locksmith, handyman (my father-in-law), and my dedicated gold-star employee Meredith!  Don’t get me wrong, the move was still challenging but definitely not as challenging since we had these professional services.

I really cannot emphasize how important to rely on the professionals to do what they do best and most efficiently.  Sure, we could have DIY-ed the move but we would have spent more time and energy – and would probably have been pretty frustrated.  It just wasn’t worth it when working with a short timeline.  So, please think about this when you or someone you know are planning your next event – hire professionals, they are worth every cent.

And btw, if you haven’t ordered your Valentine’s Day flowers yet, you should do that now!