Valentine’s Day is just a few days away….

Red Roses
Two Dozen Long Stemmed Roses $150

2014 Valentine’s Pricing & Options:

  • Designer’s Choice Valentine’s Arr. – SMALL (a nice small but hearty arrangement of mixed seasonal flowers) @ $50.00
  • Designer’s Choice Valentine’s Arr. – MEDIUM (a lovely mixed arrangement, not too small and not too big) @ $75.00
  • Designer’s Choice Valentine’s Arr. – LARGE (an extra special LARGE mixed arrangement of many favorite flowers, coordinating foliage/filler/branches) @ $100.00
  • 1 Dozen Long-Stemmed Red Roses in a Glass Vase (professionally arranged, premium quality roses with coordinating foliage/filler/branches) @ $85.00
  • 2 Dozen Long-Stemmed Red Roses in a Glass Vase (professionally arranged, premium quality roses with coordinating foliage/filler/branches) @ $150.00
  • 1 Dozen Medium-Stemmed Roses in Glass Vase (professionally arranged, premium quality roses with coordinating foliage and filler) @ $55.00
  • Other?  Please call!

Delivery to downtown Portland or close-in $8, other areas approximately $10-15.  Please inquire specifically by calling (503) 974-4740 or emailing

So, you’ve procrastinated long enough! Don’t scramble at the last minute at the grocery store for a mediocre bunch of picked-over bouquets for your sweetheart… he/she deserves better and you don’t need the extra stress.

Call Floral Sunshine today to order a beautiful arrangement for your love and delivered locally to a business or residence. (503) 974-4740

Valentine’s Day is a month away!

Well…. I bet you’re either looking forward to Valentine’s Day this year, or you’re dreading it!  There seems to be no in-between.

Most florists have a love/hate relationship with Valentine’s Day.  No matter how much experience we have or # of years we have been in business, Valentine’s Day can be an unpredictable holiday.

To give you a little more insight, in our industry, florists must pre-order flowers for this BIG holiday over a month before Valentine’s Day.  (If we don’t pre-order, we may not be able to get what we need for our customers.)  Then we pray, wish and hope that we have guesstimated the right amount of each type of flower we purchased.  Sigh… Also another thing we have to deal with is supply and demand and the increased cost of flowers.  Supply and demand for flowers on Valentine’s Day (and Mother’s Day) go through the roof!  The cost of flowers increase significantly and sometimes up to twice the normal going rate.  So… for those of you that think that florists are evil and just jack up prices on Valentine’s Day… think again.  🙁  We don’t do it because we see this amazing money making opportunity.  We do it because our growers/supplies do it because of the supply and demand.

Enough negativity, buy your sweetheart, mother, friend, or buddy some flowers for Valentine’s Day… it’s the one holiday that you should definitely go all out to remind them that they are loved.  Oh, and don’t get it at the grocery store where all the bunches are picked over – get them from your local florist who will give you quality, long-lasting flowers, beautifully arranged in a vase.