Mother’s Day is a week away!

Mother’s Day 2014 is a month away! As your local friendly florist, I’m encouraging you to send your mother or a mother you know fresh, quality flowers this week. Everyone appreciates flowers to brighten their day, to show that they are appreciated, and to thank them for their hard work day in and day out.

Not to be morbid…. but I see so many people spend hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars on memorial flowers when their mother passes away… why not send your mother flowers while she’s alive and can enjoy them? Seems so simple and logical…

Give us a call, tell us your mom’s favorite flowers or colors. One of my mother’s favorite flowers were peonies, unfortunately she passed away 12 years ago but I will drop off flowers next week at her grave. Again, not trying to be depressing — but send your mother flowers! :) Floral Sunshine is making deliveries mostly on Friday, Saturday and Sunday all over the Portland metro area including downtown, Beaverton, Hillsboro, and the Eastside. We will also have a wide selection of fragrant flowers including but not limited to: roses, lilies, carnations, stock, lilac, larkspur, and hydrangeas. We also just got word from one of our favorite local growers that we will also have a selection of peonies available, so call ahead and get these highly sought after gems before they sell out.

Talk to you soon, our online ordering system is disabled for maintenance – but give us a call at 503-974-4740, email at or fill out our contact form.