Memorial Wreaths

Everyone knows that I love creating wedding flowers but hardly anyone knows that I love creating flowers for funerals and memorials. It’s not something I talk about openly and freely because the topic of death/dying often makes people feel uncomfortable and sad. And I can only imagine if I told everyone that I enjoy making memorial wreaths (and large arrangements for memorials in general) – it may freak people out.

I think memorial wreaths are so beautiful and glorious. Take a look at this patriotic memorial wreath that I created this past weekend for the reunion/gathering of some of the living survivors of the navy ship U.S.S. Bush that sunk in the 40s.


Another one of my favorites from this past summer, using local seasonal flowers like dahlias and zinnias in a vibrant red, orange, and yellow palette.


Last but not least, this is a classic memorial wreath of red roses and red carnations.


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