About Us

Becoming a Florist in Portland Oregon

My passion for flowers and floral design started in 2004 when one of my college girlfriends asked me to do her wedding flowers.  I was surprised and wondered why she would ask me, since I had no previous floral experience, however, because she was my friend and I knew she was on a budget, I agreed.   She gave me a floral design book and assured me that all would be fine.

Thankfully, the floral arrangements turned out gorgeously and my friend was extremely pleased and truth be told, I never even opened the book she gave me!

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Over the years, I’ve done floral design primarily for friends and family – weddings, memorials, and special events.   My love for flowers has grown immensely since 2004 and so has my knowledge, design, and technique (thanks to the Floral Design Institute of Portland). 

“Floral Sunshine” first began as a home-studio business in 2009, then evolved into a floral design studio in North Portland (in St. John’s near Cathedral Park)… and recently, we moved to NW industrial Portland (near Downtown) to be more central and better serve our clients. Floral Sunshine doesn’t operate like a typical retail flower shop.  (We are by appointment only.)  We keep our overhead lower by not stocking a lot of perishable goods, saving on waste. For special events and specific orders, we source our favorite wholesale vendors and local growers for the freshest flowers, ordered specifically for each occasion.

Our Team

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