Chrysanthemums: the autumn flower of longevity

Coming up on November 3rd-5th in the serene and autumnal Lan Su Chinese Gardens will be the Ninth Moon Floral Design Showcase. This will be the fourth year of bringing together 25 talented designers from all over the Pacific Northwest, creating unique and impressive displays for the visitors to the gardens.

All floral designs will be centered around the chrysanthemum, with displays showcasing more than 75 varieties of the flower for visitors to enjoy.

Chrysanthemums are an amazingly long lasting flower. It comes in a huge variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Many people think of them as the fall equivalent of summer dahlias.

Chrysanthemums are significant in Chinese culture, the symbolic flower of autumn and the flower of the ninth moon. In several Asian cultures, the Nineth Moon honors ancestral heritage, longevity, purification and the balance of ying and yang elements.

Annie Chen, owner of Floral Sunshine, participated in 2014 – the showcase’s first year. Due to scheduling conflicts, we haven’t been able to participate the last couple years, so this is an exciting year!

We hope you will join us and all the other participating designers and flower admirers in this upcoming showcase event.

More details on Lan Su Chinese Gardens website. and special thanks also to the Floral Design Institute for putting on such an incredible event!