Featured on Aisle Society!

Awhile back we had a photo shoot at the Portland Yacht Club, to help them get some new images for their marketing materials. Who knew that this photo shoot would be loved so much to be featured on 2 different blogs. Today, we learned that it was featured on Aisle Society. Previously, it was featured on Knotsvilla on Valentine’s Day but of course we were too slammed with Valentine’s orders to make a blog post about it. Enjoy and follow the above links to see more!

New retail location!

Floral Sunshine is thrilled to bring something new and beautiful to City Market, located at 735 NW 21st Ave.  Since our start in 2009, we’ve focused on high end event design out of our studio space in NW.  Now, we bring those non-traditional designs and unique local blooms to an easy to access retail location, with ample parking in back.  We will be providing an array of local, seasonal and distinct blooms that you just won’t find in your typical grocery store, plus traditional favorites too.  We will offer premade and custom statement pieces you can carry away but will also still offer delivery in the Portland and Vancouver metro areas.

Floral Sunshine will begin our new adventure at City Market NW on Thursday, February 9th.  We are excited!  And hope you are too!

Busy day & featured on Ruffled Blog!

Floral Sunshine had a super busy day with our usual floral orders, and then we participated in Petal It Forward. We’re members of the Society of American Florists and participated in the #PetalItForward event to show our community the true power of flowers. #PetalItForward is a nationwide event that took place today. We were feeling quite ambitious and randomly spread 70 bouquets in the Portland metro area! It was really fun, for the most part except for the ocassional person who thought we were weirdos!




Here’s a local article about the event.

After a long day, we found out that we were also featured in Ruffled Blog! Check it out, Meng & Max’s wedding at Bridal Veil Lakes this past summer.




We moved!! Leave it to the professionals!

We felt super ambitious and moved over the weekend!  I know, why so quick and right before Valentine’s Day?  Well, behind the scenes – we were in search of a better location for Floral Sunshine for several months and securing a lease takes time… a lot of time.  Many times during the process, it felt like the deal wasn’t going to happen – but thankfully, it did!  We owe it to our hardworking leasing agent for representing us during the negotiation.  We got keys to the new place Thursday evening and had to make a decision whether to move before or after Valentine’s Day.  We were so excited about our new space, we really wanted to move in time for Valentine’s Day!

We quickly got all our ducks in a row on Friday and the big move happened over the weekend.  Even though we moved less than 1 mile away, multiple elements had to be orchestrated in a timely fashion… we were so lucky to have  so many wonderful professionals help us make the move fairly quick and painless (except for on the pocketbook).  Refrigeration specialists to install the walk-in cooler, plumber to install the new sink, packers, movers, locksmith, handyman (my father-in-law), and my dedicated gold-star employee Meredith!  Don’t get me wrong, the move was still challenging but definitely not as challenging since we had these professional services.

I really cannot emphasize how important to rely on the professionals to do what they do best and most efficiently.  Sure, we could have DIY-ed the move but we would have spent more time and energy – and would probably have been pretty frustrated.  It just wasn’t worth it when working with a short timeline.  So, please think about this when you or someone you know are planning your next event – hire professionals, they are worth every cent.

And btw, if you haven’t ordered your Valentine’s Day flowers yet, you should do that now!

Featured on Ruffled Blog!

Wow, what an honor to be featured on Ruffled – one of the nation’s top wedding blogs!  Floral Sunshine created all the floral arrangements in this rich hued wedding shoot.  We had the honor of working with some super fabulous Portland wedding professionals.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Lauryn Kay Photography


FLORIST: Floral Sunshine

VENUE: Castaway Portland

WEDDING DRESS AND VEIL: Brides for a Cause

HAIR: Portland Makeup & Hair

WEDDING CAKE: Country Cake Shop

RENTALS: Barclay Events, Classic Vintage Rentals


MODEL: Alexus Ayers

rich-hued-portland-wedding-inspiration-01-600x899rich-hued-portland-wedding-inspiration-19-600x900 rich-hued-portland-wedding-inspiration-21-600x899








Please follow the link to see the Ruffled blog post, and check out the images and the full album.


Happy August!  It’s been awhile since we’ve posted anything new to our blog / news section.  We’ve been super busy with business in general and also wedding season.  For the entire month of July, we challenged ourselves to make a boutonniere a day and post it on our Instagram and Facebook page for everyone to enjoy.

We’ve also updated out gallery page to include a special boutonniere section.  Right now, we have the 31 boutonnieres in there but will continue to add pictures of boutonnieres as time goes on.

floral sunshine boutonniere 2  floral sunshine boutonniere 6  floral sunshine boutoniere 27


If you’re in the Portland / Vancouver metro area and are having a special event – and would like a special boutonniere – please contact us – we would love to hear from you!

We deliver flowers all over the metro area!

Big things are happening at Floral Sunshine!  Since our move to NW Portland (from N Portland), we are almost done getting settled into our new studio space and office.  We are located right behind Montgomery Park in the Old Freeman Factory (it’s a quirky old warehouse) and we absolutely love the convenience and central location.

Among all the exciting things that are happening, the biggest news is that we now have an expanded delivery area!  We have an amazing delivery service that specializes in everyday floral deliveries and they pick up from our studio twice a day, distribute the arrangements to their drivers according to their assigned geographical region, and deliver our arrangements with ease!  We feel lucky to be one of the lucky shops they service!

Bottom line, delivery in the general Portland metro area ranges from $7-12 and Vancouver $15.  See below for zip codes and the costs associated with the delivery.  Although Oregon City & Gresham are not listed, we do deliver to certain areas so please inquire specifically with the address.  We look forward to sending Floral Sunshine your way!  Shop now!

P.S. We still deliver our weddings and special events ourselves, as those types of events usually require client contact and set-up.  =D

97003 Aloha  $    12.00
97005 Beaverton  $    12.00
97006 Beaverton  $    12.00
97007 Beaverton  $    12.00
97007 Aloha  $    12.00
97008 Beaverton  $    12.00
97015 Clackamas  $    12.00
97024 Fairview  $    12.00
97027 Gladstone  $    12.00
97030 Gresham  $    12.00
97034 Lake Oswego  $    12.00
97035 Lake Oswego  $    12.00
97036 Marylhurst  $    12.00
97056 Scappoose  $    12.00
97060 Wood Village/Troutdale  $    12.00
97062 Tualatin  $    12.00
97068 West Linn  $    12.00
97070 Wilsonville  $    12.00
97078 Aloha  $    12.00
97086 Happy Valley  $    12.00
97124 Hillsboro  $    12.00
97201 Portland  $       7.00
97202 Portland  $    10.00
97203 Portland  $    10.00
97204 Portland  $       7.00
97205 Portland  $       7.00
97206 Portland  $    10.00
97207 Portland  $       7.00
97209 Portland  $       7.00
97210 Portland  $       7.00
97211 Portland  $    10.00
97212 Portland  $       7.00
97213 Portland  $    10.00
97214 Portland  $       7.00
97215 Portland  $    10.00
97216 Portland  $    10.00
97217 Portland  $    10.00
97218 Portland  $    10.00
97219 Portland  $    10.00
97220 Portland  $    10.00
97221 Portland  $    10.00
97222 Portland  $    10.00
97223 Portland/Tigard  $    12.00
97224 Portland/Tigard  $    12.00
97225 Portland  $    10.00
97227 Portland  $       7.00
97229 Portland  $    10.00
97230 Portland  $    12.00
97231 Portland  $    10.00
97232 Portland  $       7.00
97233 Portland  $    12.00
97236 Portland/Happy Valley  $    12.00
97239 Portland  $    10.00
97266 Portland  $    10.00
97267 Portland  $    12.00
98660 Vancouver  $    15.00
98661 Vancouver  $    15.00
98662 Vancouver  $    15.00
98663 Vancouver  $    15.00
98664 Vancouver  $    15.00
98665 Vancouver  $    15.00
98683 Vancouver  $    15.00
98684 Vancouver  $    15.00
98686 Vancouver  $    15.00

We moved!

Floral Sunshine moved to the lovely neighborhood of NW Portland, our new design studio is tucked away in an old warehouse.  We are still operating by appointment only, as our schedule is sporadic with meetings (both onsite and offsite) and delivering/setting up events.

We are, however, accepting everyday orders in an expanded delivery area, previously it was difficult for us to make deliveries same-day to Beaverton, Hillsboro, Gresham, Oregon City, Lake Oswego, Vancouver, etc… the list goes on… but we now have a new delivery service that specializes in the floral industry!  So, please call us to check the delivery cost – if it’s in the expended delivery area – the cost for 1 floral arrangement to be delivered is $7-15.  We charge our clients, exactly what the delivery service charges us, there is no additional mark-up.

We are excited!  Whatever the ocassion – we look forward to talking with you!  Give us a call 503-974-4740 or email us and let us know how we can help.

Mother’s Day is a week away!

Mother’s Day 2014 is a month away! As your local friendly florist, I’m encouraging you to send your mother or a mother you know fresh, quality flowers this week. Everyone appreciates flowers to brighten their day, to show that they are appreciated, and to thank them for their hard work day in and day out.

Not to be morbid…. but I see so many people spend hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars on memorial flowers when their mother passes away… why not send your mother flowers while she’s alive and can enjoy them? Seems so simple and logical…

Give us a call, tell us your mom’s favorite flowers or colors. One of my mother’s favorite flowers were peonies, unfortunately she passed away 12 years ago but I will drop off flowers next week at her grave. Again, not trying to be depressing — but send your mother flowers! 🙂 Floral Sunshine is making deliveries mostly on Friday, Saturday and Sunday all over the Portland metro area including downtown, Beaverton, Hillsboro, and the Eastside. We will also have a wide selection of fragrant flowers including but not limited to: roses, lilies, carnations, stock, lilac, larkspur, and hydrangeas. We also just got word from one of our favorite local growers that we will also have a selection of peonies available, so call ahead and get these highly sought after gems before they sell out.

Talk to you soon, our online ordering system is disabled for maintenance – but give us a call at 503-974-4740, email at or fill out our contact form.

Memorial Wreaths

Everyone knows that I love creating wedding flowers but hardly anyone knows that I love creating flowers for funerals and memorials. It’s not something I talk about openly and freely because the topic of death/dying often makes people feel uncomfortable and sad. And I can only imagine if I told everyone that I enjoy making memorial wreaths (and large arrangements for memorials in general) – it may freak people out.

I think memorial wreaths are so beautiful and glorious. Take a look at this patriotic memorial wreath that I created this past weekend for the reunion/gathering of some of the living survivors of the navy ship U.S.S. Bush that sunk in the 40s.


Another one of my favorites from this past summer, using local seasonal flowers like dahlias and zinnias in a vibrant red, orange, and yellow palette.


Last but not least, this is a classic memorial wreath of red roses and red carnations.


Floral Sunshine makes custom wreaths and all types of arrangements for all occasions, please contact us today 503-974-4740 or fill out our contact form.

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Workshop with René van Rems

As the owner and lead floral designer at Floral Sunshine, I am constantly looking to grow, learn some new tricks, pick up new tips, and keep up with new trends.  In other words, I believe in continuing education.  So when I found out that René van Rems was visiting Portland, I jumped on this opportunity to sign up for his half-day hands-on workshop.

Unless if you’re a floral designer, you probably have no idea who this guy is… well, he’s a Dutch floral designer/presenter/consultant/instructor who lives in southern California who has some high floral industry credentials and travels all over the world sharing his talents.

I’ve always admired René from afar and own one of his books in my floral library.

rene_bookcoverI have yet to pick up the one below called René’s Bouquets for Brides that was published in 2011.  Will you take a look at this crazy-huge-amazing cascading bouquet???  Whoa…. In reality, she would probably be tripping over the trailing portion of her bridal bouquet.  So gorgeous and over-the-top, I love it!

renes_bouquets_for_brides_sizedSo, what did I learn at the workshop?  I’m not telling!  🙂  I did learn some cool new tricks that help with mechanics and efficiency for wedding flowers.


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Weekly flowers at Fourth Estate Coffeehouse

March has been a great month so far!  Floral Sunshine has a new weekly client – one of the newest coffee shops in the St Johns neighborhood.  It’s called Fourth Estate Coffeehouse and it’s a cute little place with excellent coffee (from Stumptown Coffee Roasters) and yummy food.  Each month, they feature a different artist.  For the month of March, the art that is featured on the walls is by a regular customer, Jim Ollett.

We love art of all types and are excited that our floral art will hang out on the counter at Fourth Estate too!  Are you a piece of work?  Maybe you will hang out there too!

Weekly flowers
Flowers delivered March 5th, 2014 at Fourth Estate Coffeehouse in the heart of St Johns

Getting weekly flowers for your business is a great way to create a welcoming and warm environment.  If you’re interested in getting floral or plant services for your business on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.  Please don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us a note from our contact form.  We deliver weekly all over the Portland metro area and have a lot of experience working with hotels, restaurants, office buildings, law firms, wineries, waiting rooms / lobby areas, etc…. and we would love to create a customized plan that works for you.

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Valentine’s Day is just a few days away….

Red Roses
Two Dozen Long Stemmed Roses $150

2014 Valentine’s Pricing & Options:

  • Designer’s Choice Valentine’s Arr. – SMALL (a nice small but hearty arrangement of mixed seasonal flowers) @ $50.00
  • Designer’s Choice Valentine’s Arr. – MEDIUM (a lovely mixed arrangement, not too small and not too big) @ $75.00
  • Designer’s Choice Valentine’s Arr. – LARGE (an extra special LARGE mixed arrangement of many favorite flowers, coordinating foliage/filler/branches) @ $100.00
  • 1 Dozen Long-Stemmed Red Roses in a Glass Vase (professionally arranged, premium quality roses with coordinating foliage/filler/branches) @ $85.00
  • 2 Dozen Long-Stemmed Red Roses in a Glass Vase (professionally arranged, premium quality roses with coordinating foliage/filler/branches) @ $150.00
  • 1 Dozen Medium-Stemmed Roses in Glass Vase (professionally arranged, premium quality roses with coordinating foliage and filler) @ $55.00
  • Other?  Please call!

Delivery to downtown Portland or close-in $8, other areas approximately $10-15.  Please inquire specifically by calling (503) 974-4740 or emailing

So, you’ve procrastinated long enough! Don’t scramble at the last minute at the grocery store for a mediocre bunch of picked-over bouquets for your sweetheart… he/she deserves better and you don’t need the extra stress.

Call Floral Sunshine today to order a beautiful arrangement for your love and delivered locally to a business or residence. (503) 974-4740

Valentine’s Day is a month away!

Well…. I bet you’re either looking forward to Valentine’s Day this year, or you’re dreading it!  There seems to be no in-between.

Most florists have a love/hate relationship with Valentine’s Day.  No matter how much experience we have or # of years we have been in business, Valentine’s Day can be an unpredictable holiday.

To give you a little more insight, in our industry, florists must pre-order flowers for this BIG holiday over a month before Valentine’s Day.  (If we don’t pre-order, we may not be able to get what we need for our customers.)  Then we pray, wish and hope that we have guesstimated the right amount of each type of flower we purchased.  Sigh… Also another thing we have to deal with is supply and demand and the increased cost of flowers.  Supply and demand for flowers on Valentine’s Day (and Mother’s Day) go through the roof!  The cost of flowers increase significantly and sometimes up to twice the normal going rate.  So… for those of you that think that florists are evil and just jack up prices on Valentine’s Day… think again.  🙁  We don’t do it because we see this amazing money making opportunity.  We do it because our growers/supplies do it because of the supply and demand.

Enough negativity, buy your sweetheart, mother, friend, or buddy some flowers for Valentine’s Day… it’s the one holiday that you should definitely go all out to remind them that they are loved.  Oh, and don’t get it at the grocery store where all the bunches are picked over – get them from your local florist who will give you quality, long-lasting flowers, beautifully arranged in a vase.